Toddler vs Toddler

Part of the hilarity of having twins is having two toddlers at approximately the same stage developmentally can sometimes just be funny.


Like when Juliet calls for Willa – she says “Lilla!  Lilla!” and it is completely obvious to us she is trying to get her sister’s attention, but Willa doesn’t understand baby talk, so she ignores it entirely.  Leading to a pouty Juliet because who likes to be ignored?

Or when the girls snatch toys away from each other.  Naturally, we’re trying to teach sharing, but that lesson doesn’t yet make sense to a 17-month-old toddler.  They think it is fun to give something to someone and relish the cheers from mom “Yay!  You gave her the dolly!  Good sharing!” but they also don’t really understand they can’t swipe said dolly back, even if it is to practice sharing again because the child from whom the dolly is swiped doesn’t understand her twin is practicing giving and taking – she thinks, “Hey, girle!  You just gave that to me!  Why are you taking it back?”  Clearly, neither of the girls has read the fine print in this enterprise.

There are more light-hearted moments – like the time the dear friend who watches the twins gave them chicken noodle soup.  They sit side-by-side at her house, which is different than at our house.  Apparently, Juliet was really only interested in eating her noodles because everything that she picked up out of her bowl that wasn’t a noodle was deposited right into Willa’s bowl.  Willa didn’t really mind.  Then Juliet borrowed Willa’s bowl long enough to take a few noodles as payment for all of the chicken she shared.  If it all works out in the end, why try to fix it?

Right now, one of the bigger challenges we have is trying to keep the exploration and experimentation of one child from becoming bully-ish behavior toward the other.  In the bath tonight, Willa was getting a big kick out of pouring water over Juliet’s head and pretending to wash her hair.  Of course, Juliet isn’t quite tall enough to return the favor, so she just protested loudly each time Willa rinsed her.

I’m sure one of these days, the girls will figure out they both get more of what they want if they team up.  But until then, I’ll gladly accept any bets as to who you think will come out on top in the Toddler Free-for-All.

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