It never crossed my mind my due date could come and go with no baby. This probably makes me naïve but Sonja was four days early. I think my brain just assumed I’d have a baby on or before my due date. Yet here I sit at 40 weeks and one day pregnant with no sign that birth is imminent.


I had an appointment earlier this week and the doctor I saw said I was dilating and effacing and predicted birth in “the next few days.” Well it’s been a few days and nothing. I’m not saying it’s his fault. I’m totally aware birthing babies isn’t an exact science by any means. It’s still disappointing! I want to be un-pregnant and meet this little person.

At my 39 week appointment last week the doctor’s office scheduled an appointment for a few days later to discuss whether I wanted to be induced or not. I had a weekend to ponder this and decided I didn’t really want to be induced. Everything about the baby and me seems to be healthy. I decided I want my body to go into labor on its own. Kevin supported that decision.

Then when we went to the appointment, the doctor gave us the news about birth happening soon and it was a moot point anyway! So now I’m overdue and wishing someone would induce me ASAP. I’ve been eating spicy food and I even did some jump roping with Sonja. I did some yard work, which is what I did the day my water broke when I was pregnant with Sonja. But still…nothing. This kid is happy on the inside I guess?

I’m pretty sure this is just another reminder for me when it comes to parenting; it’s not up to me. I need to give up control and relax. So I’m trying to relish these few days of calm down time while I wait to care for a newborn. I’ve been eating whatever I want, playing in the yard with Sonja, and knitting in the evening. It’s nice. I’m more than ready to get rid of this belly though and meet whoever is in there!

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