Play Dates and Social Skills

So far Brody’s play dates don’t really consist of him ‘playing’ but rather observing. Which is great and a good skill for him to learn. I also like how it still wears him out, plus it’s a good opportunity to get together with my other mom friends. But this post is more about me and my social skills…


Before becoming a mom I was a good listener, attentive and a good advice giver. Now being a mom I am finding it harder to be all those things to my friends. It seems as though every time I have a grown up conversation I interrupt it to give Brody attention and to talk with him. I have this inner need to keep him stimulated and ensure he knows he is my priority. Because of that I feel like I’m lacking as a good friend. Before becoming a mother I found it distracting when others would do that to me and now I find myself doing it to them- talk about a double standard!

The worst part is, when I interrupt our grown-up conversation it’s not because Brody is being fussy, it’s because I am being rude. I am aware of this annoying habit I have started to develop and I promise you, my friends, I will work hard at being a more attentive friend and not so distracted. Any other new moms out there feel a similar way? 

Random side note: I keep on having dreams that Brody is a girl not a boy- isn’t that strange? I wonder what that means.

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