Gender Reveal!

| Dec 16, 2014

My first trimester treated me pretty well. I had morning sickness about 3-4 mornings a week, but it never bothered me for two very specific reasons:

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Happy December 10th!

| Dec 10, 2014

For 9 months now December 9th has been a long awaited holiday for us- my due date. It is now officially December 10th and I still have a baby in …

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Oh Santa Claus

| Dec 19, 2014

This year my Christmas spirit has been through the roof. I’ve always loved Christmas time but the past couple of years I feel like I’ve just gone through the motions. …

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Think about this – how has becoming a parent changed your relationships with others? I’m talking about all relationships; significant other, friends and family. Having children is one of life’s …

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Four Things  NOT To Do This Season After reading all the great tips my fellow mothers have recommended for families to do this winter with their kidos, I thought I’d …

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I have not caught the holiday spirit. Like, not at all.

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